Friday, April 1, 2016

Calais Elementary Physical Education

Physical Education Teacher, Mr. Fish, Lives in Elmore, Vermont with his wife Patty, and two children Ryan, and Katie. He has been teaching elementary physical education for twenty five-years. Prior to his teaching assignment at Calais he taught at Richford Elementary School located on the Canadian border. He also coached the Men's and Women's Cross Country Running program at Johnson State College for six years.

Philosophy statement

My primary goal as a physical educator is to provide quality physical education to my students. Keeping quality physical education as my desired goal, I always utilize the guiding principle "what is best for kids"? I use this guiding principle in scheduling, planning lesson, and units, ordering equipment, and personal interactions with students. I continually emphasize and demonstrate the following best practices in my teaching: maximum participation, skill development, positive classroom management, implementing the SHAPE America standards into planning and lessons, Including assessment activities, and successfully integrating all students.

Program Objectives

There are many objectives of the overall physical education program. The program must provide all children with the opportunity to develop and maintain a level of physical fitness commensurate with individual needs and an understanding of how to maintain fitness for a lifetime of activity. The program must also educate the child to become competent in body management as well as useful physical skills.
Each child should enjoy a broad experience in movement and the underlying principles involved. The physical education environment should be such that children can acquire desirable social standards and ethical concepts. Through physical education, children acquire knowledge of safety skills and habits, and develop an awareness of safety with respect to themselves and others. Each child should develop a desirable self- concept through relevant physical experiences. Each child should also acquire personal values that encourage living a full and productive life.